Sisters Being Sisters

Are you ready to be blessed!  Eighteen sisters, not by blood but through relationship and in solidarity, wrote to encourage, inspire and empower! We got together to combine our love for encouraging another sister and we collaboratively created a new book compilation project call, One Sister Away: Encouraging Words From One Sister to Another.

One Sister Cover 3

We wrote from the heart and in some cases poured out some of our innermost thoughts and feelings and we found ourselves healed by our own words though our goal from the start was to help heal another sister around us who was broken, discouraged and hurt.  We wanted women and children around the world to know that we are here to support, if not in person, then through our words in the book.

Checking out social media and television shows these days women are portray as catty, backstabbing, betrayers, snakes, turncoats, insecure, whoremongers, airheads, haters, and the list goes on and on.  We see them never getting along, disrespecting and degrading themselves and others to stay relevant or to make a living.  We’ve got to do better than that.  We are better than that.  Each person who agreed to be a part of the project did so without question.  They know that in order for us to survive, we have to do it together, holding on to one another, embracing each other as we rise and embracing each other when we fall, keeping the bond tight.  We know in reality, not everyone will get along all the time, but it’s our hope to shed as much light on the positive women can do just as much as the negative is being shown.

This book project consisting of children and women from all walks of life, not professional writers, but those with a desire to reach out and bless another sister are excited about the possibility that we can make a difference.  We want to show that when we rise, we all rise, when we fall, we all fall, so which do we want to do together.  We Rise!!

Join us and check out our new release One Sister Away: Encouraging Words From One Sister to Another. Found in the pages of this book is pain turned into power, confusion turned into forgiveness and poetry that will take your mind away from the stresses in today’s world. Support our effort as we show how women can come together and birth something positive!

Girl Power!