Kanye and his jackass-ness

kanyes a jackassDon’t be distracted by the jackassness that is Kanye West. He’s mentally unstable and can’t survive without attention being placed on him even if he has to demean and bemoan the history of what our people went through. He’s the kind of buffoon that others would like to put front and center as if he represents all black people. If you can’t respect what our ancestors went through to make it so that someone like Kanye can live as luxurious as he does, he certainly doesn’t deserve anyone attention. There are many educated, powerful, intelligent and non-mentally strapped African Americans that can be quoted and given an audience to, but that’s not who the media choose to focus on. We have to see how the media also wants our people to appear in mainstream media. He’s fodder for those who want to claim we’re all like Kanye. Yeah, not! He’s the worst of the worst when it comes to pathetic jackasses and is on a path to self-destruction, giving us all a front row seat to his descent into madness. This is what mental illness looks like and why our healthcare system needs to change. He may have the money to seek whatever kind of help he needs, though it’s clear he doesn’t, but for those who do need it, this is what they become, not by choice but by circumstance. A choice is what you decide and agree to do, not by being chained, dragged away, raped and whipped until you conform. Our ancestors would love to meet this crass jerk and school his pathetic mind away from his mental deficiency. But then again, perhaps there is no help for him. Let him crash, burn and throw himself over the edge. He’s heading there anyway.