Prince, “His Royal Purpleness”

Purple-RainThe world lost more of it’s greatness today when “His Royal Purpleness” took his last breath. Today the world mourns the death of “Prince” one of the greatest musical geniuses of all time. One truth I know is that there is a generation that didn’t get to know Prince and his music like I did. He didn’t just sing his music, but he told a story each and every time. I sang to “Purple Rain”. I danced to “Let’s Go Crazy” and “I Would Die For You”. I swooned to “Adore” probably more times than I should have, but that’s a different conversation for another time.

Today, I celebrate his life by remembering his passion for bringing great music to his fans and for his philanthropy done behind the scenes. He was also more than just his music. He fought for many years for his independence to do him and in the end he won. He was the true example of following ones dreams and never letting anything stop you. He did what so many in the industry are afraid to do and that is break away from the status-quo and not give in to the all-mighty dollar that would make others richer than him when he did all the work. I can understand that determination and I love, honor and respect it. More than that, I’m thankful for the example.

Prince set an example for ‘doing you’ and not worrying about what the world had to say about it. Some thought he dressed to feminine and I say it’s what made him more attractive because what he had on or how he acted for the entertainment stage had nothing to do with who he was as a man. Puffy shirts and all, he was one of the handsomest and sexiest men I’ve ever seen. I loved watching those hips gyrate and that hair swing around and let’s not speak of the chills one could get just looking into his eyes when he looked right into a camera. He was more than just an entertainer; he was a real Prince and he helped make falling and being in love okay and sexy!

There have been many greats who we’ve lost over the years, but none and I mean NONE leaving this earth has impacted me the way Prince’s death has. I loved Michael Jackson, Gerald Levert, Whitney Houston, Natalie Cole, Barry White, Luther Vandross and on and on the list continues of those whose music I grew up listening to and could relate to their lyrics. These artists were like family to me. When I listened to their music, I felt like they knew me, struggles I went through, love found and lost, trying to fit in, but not and just the angst of making it through another day when things weren’t going like I dreamed.  There were times when I’d put on music when I was at a low point in my life only to come out by the end of the song feeling better and looking forward to finding a way to improve my own situation. I don’t think artists know how important what they sing about and then leave behind can be to someone’s life. Prince’s music will live on forever and I hope as generations come and go, people will continue to seek out his music, see it’s relevance even to their lives and be thankful that they once lived and made the choice to make good music that we would be able to enjoy for a lifetime.

Thank you, “Your Royal Purpleness” for the music and the legacy. Sleep on peacefully. Yours was a job well done! Somewhere “Doves” are crying because “Prince” has exited stage left. You will be missed and for all you brought to our lives musically, Thank you Sir!