Rest in Paradise (R.I.P) Natalie Cole

Natalie-ColeI was saddened to hear of the passing of Songstress Natalie Cole. The moment I read about her passing, my mind went back to my childhood of when I first discovered her music.

My parents had a stereo player in the dining room and I would lay on the floor in front of it with a set of headphones on and spend hours listening to music. Now these headphones weren’t like today’s small ones that fit in your ear, but these were the big ones that covered your entire ear, a lot more comfortable that the buds of today. I loved listening to great artists such as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, The Ohio Players, Brother’s Johnson, Marvin Gave and of course the incredible Natalie Cole, just to name a few. Those were some really good ole’ days, the kind that sometimes make you wish you had never grown up. I think this was the around the time that I first discovered boys and you know how it is, you think every boy who smiles at you  likes you and as a girl, you are instantly in love. When that happened, all you wanted to do was listen to music that talked about being in love, even though as a girl, I had no idea what love was all about, but I went with it. This was back at a time when boys would write a note and would ask if you want to be their girlfriend, yes, no or maybe so, and you had to put a check in a box. That was the cuteness to being a girl of days long past, not nowadays when kids are ready to drop their pants, lift of their skirts and give away everything because they feel sex is the way.

Nowadays the music is all about the sex and laced with erotic overtones that have nothing to do with feelings, but just the feeling. Music that Natalie Cole sang about was focused on love and how thinking of love, falling in love and being in love made you feel. I had many favorites when it came to her songs, but if I had to pick one, it would be, “Our Love” where Natalie belted out, “Our love, will stand tall as the trees, our love, will be for the whole world to see, our love, will change people’s wrongs to rights and we’ll ever die, cause we’ll always have each other.” Those lyrics give me goosebumps when I think about the kind of love that would be large and in charge, spread so wide that no one would miss it and could change a generation from hate to love just by being a witness to what real love can be.

In Natalie’s song, “I’ve Got Love on My Mind,” she sings, “When you touch me I can’t resist, and you’ve touched me a thousand times, when I think of your tender kiss, ah, then and there I start to unwind, ooh, in your arms”, I’m telling you I’m imagining a man who has shown a woman in so many ways that he loves her unconditionally that it doesn’t matter how many times he touches her, it’s like being touched for the very first time by a man you know is meant to be the one for you.

Natalie Cole, like so many others, had her struggles over the years and despite all of that, she still remains one of my favorite artists because her music introduced me to what it should be like to be in love and not just in lust. My thoughts are with her family and her many fans who are hurting today and for many days to come. I’m thankful today for the music she’ll leave behind for many generations to enjoy and hopefully get back to thinking about love, falling in love and being in love and letting that love shine so bright that it will erase traits of hate.

Thank you Natalie Cole for what you brought to the music industry and through your ups and downs, you still saw love!


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