Jeremy Meeks – Model?

Okay, like everyone else, I checked out the photo of Jeremy Meeks that has been stirring so much internet controversy and I will admit, for my own sanity, because you know the truth shall set you free, that he is a good looking man.  That is, from the picture that is floating around the internet.  People are getting too serious over what is clearly a picture of a good looking man.  Again, its a picture.  I’ve read what he was alleged to have done and what’s being posted about his history and still it doesn’t take away from the fact that the picture is flattering.  It doesn’t mean I’m dreaming about him at night, donating money to a fund to get him out of jail or support any effort to glamorize anything he’s done.  I simply agree its a very flattering picture.  I think it’s hilarious that people are taking his picture and putting it on the head of a model and turning him into a model-figure.  A model figure he is not.  Even he admits he’s done some things in his past that he’s not proud of, but that’s not for me or you to be the judge of.  If he’s committed the crimes he’s being held for, then that’s for a jury to decide.  I saw a Bossip comment that said people should keep their opinions to themselves, but isn’t that what Bossip is doing as well?  Everyone is entitled to have whatever opinions they want to have, especially on social media where the first question you are asked is what are you thinking…Well I’m thinking that it’s nice to make light of a situation and in this case of a photo but lets not make light of what he supposedly has done.  No matter how good looking Jeremy Meeks is in his photo, he has some hefty charges that are being filed against him and that should not be glamorized.  If he is guilty then he should be held responsible for his actions. 

As for these women who are saying they want to marry him, have his baby or allow him to do unspeakable things to them, I say get a grip, it’s a picture on the internet.  It’s very superficial to fall in love and get all crazy eyes over a picture on the screen.  There should always be more to a person than a cute face or a banging body.  What’s in that head should matter the most.  Jeremy Meeks the photo is very appealing but before you fall head over heels in love, find out about the man behind the picture; find the man behind any picture or cute face.  His picture may make him model material, but his lifestyle could leave a lot to be desired.  I have no doubt that there is some modeling agency somewhere that’s seeing dollar signs because if there is this much hype over a picture on the net, they can imagine what they could do with the actual man. 

If Jeremy Meeks gets out of jail, he’ll be smiling all the way to the bank because someone, somewhere will want to get rich off of this hype; after all, we are a society built on too much hype over 15 minutes of fame and in a few months we’ll all be saying Jeremy Meeks who?



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