Cleanse or not to Cleanse – That is the question


I decided to start a 10-day cleanse because like so many other people, I want to be healthier and get this body beach ready for my Barbados trip next year.  I’ve spoiled myself for years eating all of the things I liked and the result has been it hasn’t been as good to me as I would have liked.  I saw a lot of people talking about this 10-day cleanse book by J.J. Smith and I decided to try it.  I downloaded the book a few weeks ago and began reading it.  My first take was that I could survive this; I could give up meat for ten days and still live to tell the story.  The big question was did I want to.  I have a love affair going on with all things meat and the thought of saying goodbye was going to be major for me so I didn’t start it right away.  I continued to read through it to the end and then I said to myself, “now what?” 

Finally I decided I want to look and feel fabulous because as an author, I want to have more sex appeal for my website and novel back cover photos.  I want to continue to write about love, sex and romance and I want to also look the part.  So, off I went to the supermarket to pick up all of the items I’ll need for my first cleanse.  The cashier saw my items and immediately responded that she knew that I was doing the cleanse because lots of customer have been coming through buying the exact same items.  I told her I was going to give it a try and am hoping for the best.  I’ve never made the conscious decision to give up on meets and other foods that I love so much, but today I am.  I’m doing it because my body says enough is enough already; time for a major change, so major change it is. 

Home from the market and I’m putting all of my items away and excitement over the possibility has set in.  I looked around my kitchen at the bag of potato chips, the Hershey’s bar I bought a few days ago and the loaf of bread that had become my sidekick.  If I’m planning to really do this, my first task would be to get rid of those things right away.  I picked up the bag of chips and with shaky hands, I opened the bag and poured the chips right into the trashcan.  I didn’t just put the bag in because I was afraid I’d chicken out and go diving for that bag later knowing it would be okay because the bag was still in tact.  Utz and I have been friends for many, many years but now I must say goodbye because this is a place that I no want to reside.  I don’t plan to start the cleanse until Monday but I figured today would be a good day to begin cutting back so away with the chips and I packed a small bag of carrots for my appointment at the hairdresser today.  I will have one last good meal later this evening which will consist of baked fish and veggies in olive oil and a half dozen steamed crabs.  As much as I love my beloved steamed crabs, I have to say goodbye to those as well because I equate them with a lot of other unhealthy foods and I can’t back track if I plan to move forward.  My first prep for the cleanse is to put the camera in my daughter’s hands and have her take my “before” pictures so that when my body is model ready at the age of 48, I will gladly show off my after pictures.

Now, I had some reservations about the cleanse that I still struggle with.  Am I disciplined enough to do it?  Will I be able to hang out with my friends while they enjoy big juicy steaks and I dine on a salad?  How do I drive by my favorite crab spots and not go in for my usual dozen?  Will I have the support system I believe I will need in order to survive for 10 days?  Can I really drink this green stuff and not gag at the thought of, its green!! Well I won’t know unless I try so I’m off and running.  I will blog about day 1 on Tuesday but I’m serious when I say, if my posting about the cleanse stops, I’m going to need someone to call 911 and have the ambulance show up with a fried chicken leg.  I’ll be having a “woman down” moment.


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